Asia Europe Music Festival



Asia and Europe are two different continents. This event involved the two continents thus the word asia-europe music festival. It is among the most memorable and popular event that has happened. The 1st asia-europe music festival was held in the year 2014 from date 8 to date 12. It was held at Hanoi and Ha Long city. It was a significant international music festival. It is fully acknowledged and commended by the music world.

Vietnam was the first Asian country to hold such an international event this was as a result of its constant efforts in developing instrumental music. The tickets to the festival were free of charge. The event had a program which had six concerts and involved five main shows for all genres of music. Many performers took part in the event, a lot of famous brands helped as sponsors and many partners contributed in one way or another – the most deserved got silver anniversary gifts by The festival featured different genres of music ranging from symphony, folk, national music and opera to chorus and new songs.

There were over a hundred famous composers from Vietnam, Asia, Europe who participated and artists from thirty countries. The event was opened by a symphony by international artists and Vietnam national symphony orchestra on eighth October 2014. This was followed by many other performances and a gala concert at Hanoi opera house concluded the event on October 12.
The event was initiated by Vietnam musicians association continue the success of the international music festival. The event was founded by the ministry of culture union of composers of Russian federation and union of composers of Tatarstan in the 1993.

The main aims of holding the event was promote the latest outstanding works of the composers over the world. It also aimed at boosting the cultural exchange between the artists. It was also a meeting place for the outstanding composers and the performing artist. It was also a venue of exchanging professional experience.