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Vietnam Musicians’ Association

Vietnam Musicians’ Association, founded in 1957, is a social-political-professional organization and a member of the Alliance of Arts and Literature Associations of Vietnam. There are currently over 1,300 members including the composers, musicologists, performance artists and educators all over the country. Vietnam Musicians’ Association has connection with the international music organizations. Vietnam Musicians’ Association also has branches in other provinces and cities: 5 Music Society in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Da Nang, Can Tho and over 40 associations nationwide.

Vietnam Musicians’ Association holds a congress every 5 years. The Executive Board including the Standing Committee, the Arts Council, The Inspection Board, and other committee is elected in the congress.

Vietnam Musicians’ Association over 8 Congresses
– The longest Congress term – Term I and II (from 1957 to 1983):
Chairman: composer Nguyen Xuan Khoat (1910-1993)
Secretary General: composer Do Nhuan (1922-1991)

– Term III (from 1983 to 1989):
General Secretary: composer Duy Huy (1926-2007)

– Term IV (from 1989 to 1995):
Secretary General: Professor, composer Ca Le Thuan (born in 1938)

– Term V – VI (from 1995 to 2005):
Secretary General: Professor, composer, People’s artist Trong Bang (born in 1931)

– Term VII – VIII (from 2005 to 2015):
Chairman: PhD composer Do Hong Quan (born in 1956)

Some activities of the Vietnam Musicians’ Association:
– Support composing, researching, performing, etc. Encourage composing genres such as: Opera, Symphony, Orchestra, Choir, researching and collecting Treasure of Vietnamese folk songs and traditional music, etc.

– Organize annual music camps in the country.

– Organize field trips for musicians to experience real life, social life of workers, farmers, people living in the mountain, in the littoral, the armed forces, etc.

– Organize annual regional Music Festival: in the North, the Central, the Central Highlands, the South – Mekong River Delta … Stage and perform new works.

– Hold annual refresher courses on music theories and critiques and workshops about contemporary music.

– Assess and grant Annual Music Awards in the some fields: Composing, theory paper, performances …

– Organize Vietnam Music Day on September 3rd nationwide every year.

– Coordinate with other ministries and departments to open composing campaign, join the Steering Committee, the judge of the variety festival, national festival of song and dance, and hold trainings, refresher courses. Work with radio station, television to propagandize and popularize accomplishments of Vietnamese Music.

International Relations:
Vietnam Musicians ‘Association has had work relationship with the Musicians’ Association in (former) Socialist countries such as the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Poland, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia since it was founded (1957).

Vietnam Musicians ‘Association has currently connection with music organizations such as the Asian Composers League (ACL), the Musician’s Association in Russia, China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, the ASEAN countries, the U.S., France, Germany, UK, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tatarstan, etc.

Vietnam Musicians ‘Association organizes professional exchange, participate in the International Music Festival, International Conference, exchange music products (Score, CD, DVD, etc.)

* With many achievements, Vietnam Musicians’ Association has had the honor of receiving noble rewards of the Party and State:

– First – class Independence Medal (in 1987).

– Ho Chi Minh Medal (in 1997).

– The Gold Star Medal (in 2007).

– 16 composers received Ho Chi Minh Prize.

– 104 composer and music researchers got the State Prize.

– 35 artists were conferred the title People’s Artist.

– 191 artists were conferred the title Artist of Merit.

– 06 composers were received the title Teacher of the people.

The Central Office (in Hanoi), the Southern Office (in Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam center for protection of Music Copyright, Vietnam center for Music Arts Development, Vietnam Music Magazine, Website, Rhapsody Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Music club, Bel Canto club, Trumpeter club, Traditional Music club are directly under the Vietnam Musicians’ Association.